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Relationship-smart women want to learn how to transform their intimate relationships. We feel frustrated, disconnected and lack-lustre, but we are done with blaming our partners. We are ready to do our bit to make things better so that we feel more connected, more alive and more truly ourselves. With relationship coach Nicole Mathieson
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Feb 20, 2017
Libido, motherhood and tending our own fires

"My libidinous energy is fed when I am connecting with women, my partner
writing or doing something delicious. Giving myself permission to own that this is how my libido works"

Lauren White gives us permission. Permission to tend to the things that we love and trust that the energy of that flows into every part of our life....She says that it is one and the same as our sexuality and that lagging libido is not just about the bedroom. She also gives us permission to change and be fluid. Because, let's face it, that is what it is to be feminine. This interview felt like a huge relief to me. Yes. Thank you. I do not need to feel bad about these things. They are the essence of femininism and the sparks for change that we need to see in the world.

Lauren also shares:
+ The libido crash and crazy hormones that made 2016 her bathroom floor year
+ Mother guilt - as she asks herself "Why aren't I like those other mums wanting to just spend time with my kids?"
+ How keeping her sexual flame alive is not a job segregated off into the bedroom
+ The best sex advice you could ever get - and her reason for not actually giving sex tips
+ How connecting with women is where she finds her inspiration, guidance and her reason for being
+ How marriage is changing and becocming less restrained and inflexible
+ And finally why speaking up is her biggest evolutionary challenge at the moment, and why it is so important for women

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Feb 6, 2017

In early 2016, Kimberley Kevan and her family were in the throes of a potential financial crisis. They were at a point where a miracle was needed. In this episode Kimmy and I talk about how she found the capacity to stay in her heart and trust her knowing that everything was going to be okay despite what her reality was indicating. In essence this chat comes back again and again to our own power to create an abundant life by trusting our feelings and getting beyond the limitations of the tangible.

Kimmy also shares with us:
+ The transformational support available from loved ones who have passed on
+ The gift in having your back up against the wall and nothing to lose - for her in the form of a massive health crisis
+ How she was able to drop in to her head, get what she needed but not stay there
+ Feeling as the key to a sensual life
+ The 30% rule that keeps Kimmy nourished as a busy mum, wife and health practitioner
+ And did I mention gratitude..…it comes up a lot.
This is a truly feel good episode that got even juicier after we the interview was over - so stay tuned half way through for the added insert where Kimmy and I are having a real heart to heart.

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