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Relationship-smart women want to learn how to transform their intimate relationships. We feel frustrated, disconnected and lack-lustre, but we are done with blaming our partners. We are ready to do our bit to make things better so that we feel more connected, more alive and more truly ourselves. With relationship coach Nicole Mathieson
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Jul 26, 2019

 Whenever I am feeling stuck or like I am neck deep in the struggle, there is one thing that always helps - listening to some Abraham Hicks.
 There is something about the way they continually bring the message back to the simple laws of what you focus on you attract - that reminds me of my power and makes it feel that little bit better.
 Which is why I jumped at the chance of interviewing my next guest. Sandi Phillips-Melyer spent nearly a decade travelling with Abraham Hicks's - Esther and Jerry absorbing their wisdom and high vibrations.
 And right enough, Sandi was a beautiful reminder of the laws of love and attraction.
 We talk about;
 - Life with Esther and Jerry on the road
 - The key to life being - to be okay with "not feeling good"
 - How most relationship drama is the thought "I need you to be different so that I can feel better"
 - How every issue we have with other people is the mirror of our own issues
And how every relationship you ever have is designed for you to know more of yourself

Jul 15, 2019

Are your lady parts numb?

How much feeling is down there?

Tamra Mercieca is all about self-love, and she means on every level. Which means that Tamra really encourages us to love, and care for our vaginas.

Tamra is the founder of Getting Naked, and Yoga for the Vagina. She is a Relationship and Self-Love Therapist, and an author.

If the idea of getting back into a state of love with your vagina makes you uncomfortable, then this episode is for you. Tamra talks us trhough some of the health issues and benefits of having a healthy loving relationship down there.

We also talk about; 

  • The relationship with self and its effect on everything
  • The fierceness of boundaries that motherhood brings
  • Having to have strong boundaries with her own mother
  • All the things you can learn from dating

Jul 8, 2019

I had a revelation recently, it was that the western culture of sexuality really didn’t suit me. In fact, I am pretty sure it doesn’t suit a lot of us.

What I am talking about is our sexual narrative that sex always has to have the aim of orgasm.

I see it like a train on the tracks.

Once we get on the sex train – which could be in the form of touching, petting and kissing – it feels like there is only one destination; orgasm station.

Jul 5, 2019

Are you ready for my first interview in 2 years?! Yes? Good!

If your partner were to feed you eggplant for dinner every night, and you didn't like eggplant, you would say something.

Sadly, we don't feel as expressive in the realms of sex and intimacy. We put up with offerings we don't like, year in, year out, and then wonder why we have "lost" our libido.

In my conversation with inter-personal sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer, we come back often to the food metaphor, particularly eggplant. I love it! I feel that the metaphor really works. You realise how crazily blocked we are around sexual communication.